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The applicant must be duly authorised to execute this agreement on behalf of their organisation. We cannot accept partnership submissions from some organisations. This includes organisations that are primarily or exclusively aligned with religious or political groups, tobacco or illegal substances, alcohol or gambling. It also includes organisations aligned with any products or message that may cause offence or bring NSW Small Business Month or the NSW Government into disrepute. Partnerships do not involve explicit or implicit endorsements of the partner or its products by the NSW Government. The partnership cannot be based on promoting or selling their product or service. Partnerships are to be based on supporting and connecting small businesses. The NSW Government is not responsible for any costs or associated risks incurred by organisations when hosting their activities. The selection of partners is at the discretion of the NSW Government, whose decision is final. The NSW Government at its sole discretion reserves the right not to accept any partner. If hosting an event (online or in person), the partner must upload their event details to the website. If hosting an event, it must be free or low cost. Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

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