Activity categories for 2022

Sydney Yoga Collective a NSW small business

The November 2022 Small Business Month theme is Connect for Success. We want to bring people together, learn from each other and build relationships across the small business community. 

Whether you’re a grant recipient or collaboration partner, when planning your activity, please keep the theme in mind. Some suggested categories of activities include:

  • Focusing on your Customers: Know your customer base to best target your products and services.  
  • Working with Digital Technology: Present, promote and grow your business online and learn the latest technologies to best connect with your customers. 
  • Leading your Team: Develop your leadership skills and inspire your team to achieve your business goals. 
  • Managing Money: Explore the grants and support available to you, take control of your bookkeeping, budgeting and taxation, and learn to safeguard your business. 
  • Branding and Marketing: How to market your business, build your brand, protect your reputation and attract the customers you want. 
  • Growing your Business: Plan for the future with market research and develop strategies to expand your business. 
  • Upskilling your Staff: Identify pathways and opportunities to develop your staff’s skills and drive their career development. 
  • Creating New Products and Services: How to leverage new customers, markets or trends through innovation. 
  • Recruiting the Right Staff: Gain insights on how to hire, manage, train and retain the best staff in today’s market using digital tools. 
  • Maintaining Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Create a safe, engaging and inspiring environment for your staff and business. 
  • Building your Supply Chain: Understand the current environment and disruptors, and learn new ways of doing business.

We encourage organisations to be creative and put forward other categories for their activities. The list above is by no means exhaustive.